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Project Leader’s Letter

«We are not looking for a dream, we aim to achieve the dream, and with women leaders, I believe we can lead a society rebirth, thus we established a direction towards our beloved Syrian society by starting this project in order to grow women leaders who are able to lead the next generation through the challenges that are coming towards our country, Syria».

Mrs. Hazar Al Nouri

Project Leader


The Women Leaders Project was launched in March, 2018 under the leadership of Mrs. Hazar Al Nouri, the CEO of MHR GI with around 100 members joining it within the first two months after the launching date. In light of the social and national responsibility that our company places special emphasis on, the idea of the Women Leaders project, as the name implies, was about supporting and influencing women in the Syrian society at all levels — political, social, and cultural — due to the important role women have in the civil society development. This project appeared to have had a particular value in the Syrian Arab Republic due to the exceptional circumstances that the country was going through at that time.

Throughout its development and with more members joining the project, it has become obvious that the project must go international due to the necessity to share and learn the experience of other countries that have already undergone the change or are still in the same process as the Syrian society.

Our Goals:

Raising and Spreading Awareness

The Women Leaders Project focuses on awareness and the realization of the need for change and development and teaches how to achieve the change through effective leadership.

Capacity building

The project aims at building a leader's character as well as assertive mentality through capacity building programs, workshops, local, regional and international forums, and social activities.

Impacting the Society

Following up with the newly acquired capacities of the members and work on plans that will spread the right positive image of the women leaders. 


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