Business Planning

Are you are planning to start your business or looking to improve your business model and raise your sales, or maybe you are looking for new investors? A solid business plan is the first thing you should start with.

Our professional consultants are successfully helping small and medium enterprises to set their objectives, strategies, and projected actions in order to promote their survival and development within a given time frame. Working closely together with your team, we will help you to develop a clear roadmap for your business and further evaluate your business plan from a prospective partner or investor.



MHR GI business coach will help you clarify your business goals and objectives, develop the skills, and acquire the resources needed to operate your enterprise. They will also advise you on all the parts of your plan:

  • Executive summary – you will get the outline of your business plan, which includes the mission statement as well as the details about your company’s leadership, employees, operations, and location
  • Products and services – the description of what your company is offering your customers in terms of several characteristics, including cost, features, distribution, target market, competition, and production concerns. We will help you to highlight your product’s most compelling attributes in order to reach and attract your target buyers
  • Market analysis – the quantitative and qualitative assessment of your target market, which includes the size of the market in terms of its volume and value, the various customer segments and their buying patterns, your competitors, and the economic environment from the point of view of barriers to entry and regulation
  • Marketing strategy – the sales and promotional methods you want to use to accomplish a particular mission or goal. We will help you decide which campaigns, content, channels, and marketing software you will use
  • Financial planning – simply put, this is a translation of your ideas into numbers. We will explain to you all you need to know about key financial indicators and financial ratios, cash flow projection, projected income statements and balance sheets, break-even analysis, or cost-volume-profit analysis 


Contact us now, and you will get the best business plan for your successful business!