Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

FESEI is a Spanish non-profit organization born with a clear vocational service to societies, with the aim to encourage a security and defense culture, mainly through its institutions: School of High Strategic and International Studies and the Statesmen’s School.

Foundation’s aims:

  • Promotion of the country of Spain abroad and establishing cross-cultural relations with other countries
  • High-quality teaching, studies dissemination, research work aimed at educating professionals with analytical skills and prospective knowledge, who can be capable of leading organizations and reducing uncertainty, as it is more and more demanded in the fields of the economy, defense, and security, both at the national and international level and in the economic and managerial intelligence fields.
  • Prospective intelligence, publications, and international cooperation
  • Promotion of the security and defense culture as well as fostering employment directed mainly to the young unemployed people

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Miguel Álvarez de Eulate y Moreno

Founder, Employer, and Director-general of the Foundation of Strategic and International Studies (FESEI) and of the specializing institutions: School of High Strategic and International Studies and the Statesmen’s School. Institutions dedicated to high education; diplomatic preparation, leadership, and economic, managerial, and competitive intelligence.

Academic Director of the Master’s degree in Leadership, Diplomacy, and Intelligence: Intelligence Analyst Officer, University CEU Abat Oliba (Spain) in collaboration with the Defense and Interior Ministry.


MHR GI is happy to welcome a new collaboration with Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (FESEI), Spain to the International Business Executive Hub in Minsk, Belarus.

Dr. Hassan Al Nouri MHR GI CEO and Mr. Miguel Alvarez de Eulate, director of FESEI signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 5 November, 2019 aimed at building cooperation between the two parties by establishing the Center for Leadership and Diplomacy.

The agreement also resulted in the terms of providing the International Business and Diplomacy Program.

Center for Leadership & Diplomacy

Aims: To provide knowledge and practice on how to develop critical thinking through seminars, workshops, and forums on the following topics:

  • Effective Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Crises Management
  • Change of Leadership
  • Leadership Development for Women and Junior Leaders

Mission: To effectively prepare society for global change by developing their business leadership characteristics and qualities through international business relations and cross-cultural communication.

Vision: To build an organizational culture that enables its members to exchange knowledge on how to practice and apply their leadership characteristics and qualities acquired through the Center for Leadership & Diplomacy in the fields of education, social activities & cross-cultural communication, and international business relations.

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Joaquín Turina 2, 28224, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain


Mr. Mariano Molina