Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

International Business and Diplomacy Program


If you are interested in foreign affairs, if you want to work or are already working at global organizations or NGOs, if you are a member of a diplomatic community, if you look to gain knowledge of international business and trade, you will definitely benefit from our International Business and Diplomacy Program (IBD)!

The IBD Program tackles the growing business role of diplomatic missions. This role is no longer limited to being the liaison bodies between different governments and their institutions as they also promote and establish industrial and business relationships between different countries. Therefore, this program brings together key topics, concepts, and skills which are necessary for diplomatic missions in order to apply for this critical and economically important role.

Candidates who successfully complete the program receive a diploma, validated by the European University, and recognized internationally.  

You should join the IBD program if:

  • You are interested in understanding contemporary international relations
  • You want to work or are already working at global organizations or NGOs and want to reach the next level in your career
  • You want to gain specialist knowledge of international business and trade


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