First Graduation Ceremony of IMBA & Polmar April 2020 Intakes!


What happened today cannot be considered an ordinary event in the history of MHR Business Academy. It was not just a graduation ceremony of the Master’s program students.

Today we took part in the FIRST Graduation Ceremony held jointly with Rome Business School for the first two intakes of Syrian students who received their master diplomas after more than 1,5 years of studying!

It is difficult to underestimate the excitement for everyone – alumni and their families, professors, RBS and MHR team members, guests! Not only did the students work hard to reach their final goal, but they also had to cope with many difficulties, and struggle with many circumstances. These students did not give up their studies in times of lockdowns and coronavirus restrictions; they showed persistence and high motivation in times when the whole world was getting depressed. We applaud you for this, our dear alumni!

We would also like to applaud our great professors who shared their knowledge and gave their full support to each and every student who needed it!

It was a long and tiring journey, but the reward is worth it – today the world has welcomed 18 highly qualified master’s degree professionals who will contribute to and drive the change for the better.

Vivat Academia, Vivant Professores!

International Master of Business Administration

April 2020 - September 2021


Master in Political Marketing and Communication

April 2020 - September 2021

Wasim Alekhwan

Rasha Almardini

Bassel Alrihawi

Hala Barazi

Christina Chakar

Hani Chbib

MHD Talal Daoudy

Othman Kachlan

Jaafar Khazim

Ammar Redai

Sara Yamani

Omar Zafer Zenbarakji

Sawsan Alhabaj

Hazar Al Nouri

Rana Haj Issa

Reem Hogera

Nahed Muhra

Solafa Skhiea