In November 2019 Dr. Hassan Al Nouri, Founder of MHR GI and Mr. Miguel Álvarez de Eulate y Moreno, Founder and Director-general of FESEI agreed to establish the Center for Leadership and Diplomacy as part of the cooperation between the two parties.

Aims: To provide knowledge and practice on how to develop critical thinking through seminars, workshops, and forums on the following topics:

  • Effective Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Crises Management
  • Change of Leadership
  • Leadership Development for Women and Junior Leaders

Mission: To effectively prepare society for global change by developing their business leadership characteristics and qualities through international business relations and cross-cultural communication.

Vision: To build an organizational culture that enables its members to exchange knowledge on how to practice and apply their leadership characteristics and qualities acquired through the Center for Leadership & Diplomacy in the fields of education, social activities & cross-cultural communication, and international business relations.


“We do believe that the launch of the Center for Leadership and Diplomacy will become a first and very important step in building strong cooperation not only between MHR GI and FESEI but also in establishing strong cross-cultural connections between many countries of the world. This Center will bring together people from different cultures, different religious or political backgrounds, but with the same idea – to exchange knowledge and share their experience in order to contribute to the global change and lead the others”.

Dr. Hassan Al Nouri,