Institute of IT&Business Administration Agreement


Dr.Vladimir Dyoubkov, the rector of IBA Institute, and Dr.Hassan Al Nouri, the dean of the MHR Business Academy, signed the Memorandum of Understanding according to which the parties will work together on developing programs in the field of Information Technologies, Business Leadership and Management as well as the development of e-administration in the Middle East and Europe.
The Institute of IT & Business Administration has over 18 years of experience and over 20000 students graduating from its courses. It is exclusively focused on retraining and qualification development of specialists in the sphere of modern informational technologies, foreign language courses, and business studies.
Institute of IT & Business Administration is a Learning Partner of IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Novell, Cisco, Apple, HP, Red Hat and a business partner of the international company Global Knowledge.
The partnership starts with the launch of the joint online program “Career Development and Professional Growth”. The program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students as well as junior employees who aim to develop their professional careers. This program will be of great value to anyone seeking to build a solid career in various types of enterprise: local businesses, international companies, national companies dealing with foreign markets, NGOs, etc.
We wish prosperity and fruitful cooperation for both institutions and good luck in 2021!