Investment Services

If you are looking to raise your capital and make your money work, if you are planning to allocate your money for specific purposes without involving yourself in day-to-day operations, you are in definite need of MHR Investment Hub.

MHR GI is developing an Investment Hub in coordination with the Business Development Consulting office for business investors who are looking for great investment opportunities in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Belarus, and Abkhazia. The Investment Hub has built a network of professional businesspeople as well as top consultants from all over the world that will work together to provide the necessary information, technical support, and investment platform that will develop a good investment portfolio with a good return on investment (ROI) without tasking big risk.

The Hub will provide you with:

- A thorough market research of the country of the investment

- A strategic investment plan

- Strong strategic analysis including environmental scanning (PESTEL)

- Feasibility and competitiveness analysis of your investment opportunities using SWOT analysis

- The competitive advantage that the investors might have

- The financial platform needed to acquire the competitive advantage for your investment.


Contact us now, and you will get the right process for your successful investment!