Leadership and Management Global Option (LMGO)

Leadership and Management Global Option (LMGO)



LMGO is a 2 days' executive business program designed to tailor the needs of different businesses. The aim of LMGO is to train and coach managers and employees to enhance their skills and competencies in order to empower their level of knowledge in its practical application.

All LMGO programs are based on the "How to" approach and we offer you a variety of 12 programs to choose from. If you complete all the 12 programs, you get an invaluable intensive business training course that equals in its contents to the Mini MBA. 

All LMGO programs are based on 12 learning hours + 8 hours of self-study.

You should join LMGO if:

  • You are looking for excellent professional performance
  • You want to get practical and applicable knowledge
  • You want to build a more empowered team
  • You want to train your employees in an intensive and effective way in accordance with your business requirements and needs


The cost of the program - 125 USD


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