Online Lecture by Professor Valerio Mancini (RBS)



MHR Business Academy has had the honor of having Professor Valerio Mancini as an online guest professor of the course “The Roman Heritage and History – Political Marketing and Communication” for the class of Syrian students in Damascus. The event has become a historic moment in the collaboration between Rome Business School and MHR GI.

Professor Mancini has delivered a very important lecture from the point of view of the Master of Political Marketing and Communication program. It was the Roman Empire that lay the foundation to such important tools, successfully used and applied in the modern world of politics, as the art of rhetoric, influence, persuasion, etc. The lecture got a great turn when the professor elaborated on the Roman heritage and history on the territory of the present Syrian Arab Republic.

The value of the lecture is difficult to overestimate as Professor Mancini has demonstrated brilliant speaking and lecturing skills and held the class captive throughout the whole time. The lecture has also caused lots of discussion and feedback, and Professor Hassan Al Nouri shared his professional political experience in the process, adding more value and heat of discussion to the lecture.

MHR Business Academy on behalf of Professor Hassan Al Nouri and all the students would like to express gratitude to Professor Mancini for the outstanding lecture as well as Professor Antonio Ragusa and Ms. Eleonora Mantovani for their great support! We sincerely hope to have more events like this in the future!

Let’s grow together for a better world!