Our Alumni


“We pride ourselves on our alumni, many of which fought hard to overcome all obstacles on the way to their education and make their dream a reality! I sincerely believe education to be the engine that keeps the society moving, developing and improving every single day. No one can deny the particular importance of education alongside with life-long learning in the rapidly changing world we are facing today. Therefore, I am happy and honoured to have had so many outstanding students who were persistent and hard-working in the strive to pursue their ambition.

Success attend you, dear friends!”

Dr. Hassan Al Nouri

MHR GI Founder and Professor


“I would like to thank Dr. Hassan Al Nouri who has always been supportive whenever I ran into a trouble spot or had a question about my research or writing. Professor Dr. Al Nouri consistently directed me in the right way. I am gratefully indebted to him and MHR Group International team for such valuable education experience”

Basel Masalmeh

Senior Legal Counsel and Protection Trainer

SB BSU EMBA graduate 2019




"Dear Dr. Hassan Al Nouri, Mrs. Hazar, Abdallah, and MHR GI team! You planted the hope, nurtured it, and saved no effort in pushing and helping us recover and overcome all obstacles. Family sometimes is not blood-related and you were my supporting family on this road. Thank you!”

Ezmeralda Hemedan

Cham Wings Airlines, Safety Director, Syria

SB BSU EMBA graduate 2019


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