Our Managing Team

Hassan Al Nouri

MHR GI Founder and Chief International Expert

Dr. Hassan Al Nouri is the founder of the company and its central member. His academic qualifications include Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration from Damascus University - Syria, Master of Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin - USA, Ph.D. in Public Administration from Kennedy Western University - USA, MBA / DEA in Management from USEK - Lebanon , and DBA in Business Administration from EU Business School - Geneva, Switzerland .

He is also a Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) (the Consultants Institute) and a Charted Consultant (CC) (the American Consultants League) .

Dr. Al Nouri is a teaching professor in many educational institutions all over the world and a business consultant for a number of corporations in the region.



Hazar Al Nouri

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Al Nouri is the Chief Executive Officer of MHR GI . She is also the leader of the Women Leaders Project . Mrs. Al Nouri has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the International School of Business and Management . She is currently pursuing a Master in Political Marketing and Communication with Rome Business School .

Mrs. Al Nouri is a social activist, sharing her experience in dealing with various societal issues, eg people with special needs, children's and women's rights protection, etc.



Khalil taalouba

Member of the Board

Dr. Khalil Taalouba is a Ph.D. holder in Law , a professor of commercial and civil law, a faculty member, the vice president of Al-Rasheed University for Science and Technology in Syria , and an independent lawyer.



Hamdi al nouri

Member of the Board

A successful businessman and the Managing Director of Ideal Ways for Marketing in Hong Kong, China, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Nahed mohrah

Member of the Board, Marketing Manager, Executive Manager of Women Leaders Project

Mrs. Nahed Mohrah has a Master of Science in Arabic Literature , majoring in rhetoric and editing from Damascus University . She also has a Mini Master in Leadership from the School of Business of the Belarusian State University . Currently, Mrs. Mohra is pursuing the Master Program in Political Marketing and Communication with Rome Business School . She is the Executive Manager of Women Leaders Project , and she works in an esteemed Arabic Publishing agency “Believers without Limits” with offices in Dubai - UAE and Morocco .

Mrs. Mohra deals with women's issues, women's development for an inspiring role of women in society.



Mays Rihawi

Member of the Board   

Mrs. Mays Rihawi has a Bachelor in Business Administration, a Bachelor in Education, and a Mini Master in Leadership from the School of Business of the Belarusian State University.

She is an investor and an entrepreneur who owns one of the most famous kindergartens in Syria. She is also a licensed family consultant from the Impact organization, and also licensed from the UNRWA in training and preparing certified kindergarten supervisors. Finally, she is an honorary member of “A candle of Hope”  - an organization for children with special needs.



Reem Hogera

Member of the Board

Mrs. Reem Hogera holds a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce . She has obtained a Diploma in International and Diplomatic Relations from London International Academy, and a diploma in Negotiations and Dispute Settling from George Mason University in the USA. She is currently studying for her Master's degree in Political Marketing and Communication with Rome Business School .

Mrs. Hogera has worked with several international NGOs and UN agencies , including the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the International Red Cross, UNHCR, UNFPA, and Life Organization . She is a licensed trainer for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Crisis Management , in preparing emergency plans, in international relief, and international social relief.



Azza kurdi

Member of the Board

Mrs. Azza Faisal Kurdi is a lecturer in education and psychology; a licensed human development trainer specialized in developing women leaders, and simultaneously a psychology and family issues consultant. She has been a social activist with many local charity organizations and NGOs . She has given many training programs in the UAE, Malaysia, Lebanon, and Jordan . Her mission is to grow the mentality and awareness of Arab and Syrian women as well as to support them socially and psychologically.



Hani chbib

Executive Operations Manager of MHR GI Syrian Office

Hani Chbib is the Executive Operations Manager of MHR GI , Syrian Office . He is an active researcher in areas of sustainable and green businesses, industry 4.0 business applications, and entrepreneurship.

He has co-published 2 scientific articles and 2 conference papers, with 1 conference paper in-press . Hani Chbib is currently an International MBA student with Rome Business School , he has a Master of Science in Management of Technology and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration , both from Nile University in Egypt . He has 4 years of experience in green businesses, online businesses, and the education industry.



Abdallah al nouri

International Expert of MHR GI Belarusian Office

Abdallah Al Nouri has an Executive Master in Leadership from the School of Business of the Belarusian State University , and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Lazarski University, Warsaw, Poland . He is currently studying for the EMBA with the School of Business of the Belarusian State University .

Mr. Abdallah is the Executive Manager of the MHR GI Belarusian Office . He is the one responsible for implementing the visions of MHR GI 's board and making them a reality. He is known for being a visionary and at the same time someone who is dedicated and determined to achieve his vision. He has had so far over 5 years of experience, which builds up to his high-level academic achievement.



Catherine Chabatarova

International Educational Programs Coordinator in MHR GI Belarusian Office

Catherine Chabatarova has over 17 years of experience in the education sector. This includes a long-term teaching career at Minsk State Linguistic University as well as the current career of International Educational Programs Coordinator at MHR GI.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics and a Degree with a specialization in English and German languages ​​and literature from Minsk State Linguistic University, alongside a Degree in Economics from Minsk State Economics University.

Catherine is in charge of the enrollment process as well as following up and supporting the students throughout their studies.