First Interactive Online Webinar




MHR GI in partnership with the School of Business of the Belarusian State University and Rome Business School conducted a first interactive online webinar dedicated to the problem of Corporate Leadership and Strategy during the COVID-19 Crisis. The webinar was held on the Zoom platform and streamed on the Facebook pages of MHR GI and Rome Business School.

The webinar has become a genuinely international event with over 100 participants from 31 countries registering for it. The geography of interest to the webinar apart from the hosting countries Belarus, Italy and Syria included Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, Panama, Malaysia,  Nigeria, Ghana, India, Germany, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey.

The three countries, hosting the webinar (Belarus, Italy, and Syria), have had their unique experience in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Each speaker, being a leader in their sphere of expertise, made a fascinating presentation both from the point of view of the form and the value of the contents.

The webinar was opened with an interactive session “Leadership in Crisis Time” by Dr. Irena Mamonova, Belarus. Due to the imaginative approach of the speaker, the viewers jointly came up with a definition of the crisis and the most important competencies that a successful leader should possess.

Dr. Antonio Ragusa, Italy, in his session “Turning Crisis into Business Opportunity” gave an optimistic prognosis about the outcomes of the COVID-19 crisis by presenting some facts from the speedy recovery in the financial markets as well as some industries that were especially hurt by the lockdown during the pandemic.


The third and closing session of the webinar under the title “Strategy Adjustments” was hosted by Dr. Hassan Al Nouri, Syria, who presented his view on how companies can adjust their strategies in order to survive and even succeed during the crisis.

At the end of the session, speakers managed to answer some of the questions that the viewers wrote on the Zoom chat.

The webinar got many positive reviews from the attendees alongside the requests to have more events of similar nature in the future.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants!

Our Speakers


Turning Crisis into Business Opportunity 

Dr. Antonio Ragusa,

Founder and Dean of Rome Business School,

MBA from London’s Imperial College Business School 

Dr. Ragusa's Profile



in Crisis Time

Dr. Irena Mamonova,

Director of MBA Program of the School of Business

of the Belarusian State University,

Doctor of Philosophy 

Dr. Mamonova's Profile

 Strategy Adjustments 

Professor Hassan Al Nouri,

Founder of MHR Group International,

International Expert on the Middle East

Ph.D. in Public Administration,

MPA, DEA, DBA in Business Administration

Professor Al Nouri's Profile


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