Who We Are


Management & Human Resource Group International MHR GI

is an international organization based in Minsk, Belarus with a key office in Damascus, Syria. We are considered to be one of the most prominent capacity building and consultancy service companies that acts as a bridge between internationally accredited and recognized awarding bodies in the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, and Northern Africa .

We provide a variety of services in areas of public and private institutional development such as education and capacity building programs , human resource development, business development consultancies , marketing solutions, and supportive social development projects .



Our mission:

Our mission is to give our clients a competitive edge ensuring their professional growth and enhancing their effectiveness as well as to prepare them for global competitiveness by fostering high quality educational & capacity building programs and offering a wide range of business & management solutions.

Our Values ​​and Vision:

  • We believe that life-long education is a core factor of success
  • We think that a rapidly changing world calls for flexibility and a new approach in education
  • We have an individual approach to each client by offering them a variety of tailor-made programs and services
  • We consider it crucially important to go international as by uniting our effort and sharing expertise with other countries, we can ensure a better future for new generations
  • We pride ourselves on our clients' success as it is also our success


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