Why Us



  • MHR GI has 25 years of experience in business education
  • We have almost 3000 alumni many of which have built successful careers in banking and industrial sector, telecommunications, educational establishments, tourism industry, UN agencies, and other NGOs
  • We have a team of 15 highly qualified professors and over 40 certified trainers


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Business Development Consultancy


  • Our company has 25 years of experience in business development consultancy
  • We have over 35 clients  among which are ministries, banks, insurance companies, and educational institutions
  • Throughout our history, we have established a successful partnership with organizations and institutions based in the UK, Poland, Belarus, Italy, and Spain


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Social Work



  • MHR GI Women Leaders Project includes over 200 permanent members who organize social events, spreading awareness over crucial social issues such as child protection, gender-based violence, inclusive learning for those in special needs circumstances, livelihood and social reform and development, etc
  • We have worked on more than 20 workshops and forums that discussed the future of social well-being and how to build a healthy social environment for the new generation
  • We have experience in working with international NGOs such as Unicef – SOS in Syria, the International Red Cross in Syria, the National Red Crescent in Syria and Aga Khan Foundation


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