Effective Communication Practice Workshop

Congratulations! WLP has finished its training program "Effective Communication Practice" Level 1

Philosophy of Playing Workshop

WLP has finished its educational program "Philosophy of Playing".

The sky is our limit, ladies!

International Forum «Future Strategic Leadership for Women Leaders»

We welcome Women Leaders in the International Forum in Belarus, Minsk 

Way to go, ladies!

Inclusive Learning Workshop

 August, 2019 - Damascus, Syria

WLP enjoyed an outstanding workshop from a Director of the Institute of Inclusive Learning, Dr. Vera Khitruck

The 7 Factors of Success

The 7 factors of success seem so simple and at the same time genius, don't they?

Effective Risk Management

June, 2019 - Damascus, Syria

The Art of Anger Management

May, 2019 - Damascus, Syria

The Art of Protocol and Etiquette at Work

April, 2019 - Damascus, Syria,

Dynamic of Effective Communication

and Psychology of Body Language

August, 2018 - Beirut, Lebanon

Awareness Campaigns

WLP started its activities by hosting several Awareness Campaigns on the Role of Women